pretty_crime (pretty_crime) wrote,


Tell me, that my life will get better.
Just, someone tell me this.

I don't know what's going on half the time, I'm wake.
I'm stressed out.
I sleep and stay up late.
I wan't someone to talk to.
I want, too much in life.
That, is so simple to other's.
Why do II expect somthing, from someone?
And, if I dont get it... It bug's me, for a long time?
All, i want is an apology.
I don't want to get lied to.
And, I don't know.. what's going to happen to me.

Why do I hope.. for somthing everyday?
And if it doesnt come to me, I feel.. that it nver will?

life. My life. Need's somthing. I'm lacking somthing.
If you feel the same way, It'll be okay.
We'll get thru it.
I just feel, like i'm the only one that feel's this way, half the time...
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