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Have to get thing's off my mind, Man..
even if you dont read it, it's prolly better.

I'm mad. and emo, at the same time.
So many people, can just get on your nerves.
I mean, just saying one thing.
you get pissed off.
They get so annoying..
you ever, just want peace and queit?
but everyone is having so much drama?
Like, when your sleeping..
it's so pleasent.
then you wake up..
and reality, comes back.
and you're like, Fuck.
Like, you ever just wanna, sit there, and get high off your ass, dude?
Fucking laugh at everything?

Man, i really couldn't but it'd be nice as hell.
Yesterday, someone heard my laugh, around my family.
they were suprised.

you ever, listen to old music, and remeber the past?
Like, getting ready to go out..
snd you're like, damn..

like, you'll hear the song's..
and they're so emo..
And then, every single song, was one you could relate to, beack in the day?

My life, was fucked up.
I'm not saying it's better.
But, who cares, Man.

I'm good.
I guess.

who know's.
it seem's..
Thing's are rad, now tho.

hanging out with my old friend chelsea z.
she's fucking awesome.


Yeh, like, i hate how guy's just fucking piss me off somtime's.
" oh, id date you. too bad you have a boyfriend."
they think theyre some kind of homewrecker and shit.
It's like, fucking back the fuck off.

Like, you were so close to someone, and now, you dont really wanna talk to them, anymore.

How you can abandon someone.
how people can abandon their selves.

hate how people, sit there, and insult you.
they dont eve know you, man.
Im tweaking out.

I'm done.
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